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By John Pierce

There is a common tendency for people to criticize Facebook — especially those who use it the most. Even though it’s free.

Criticisms generally relate to unwelcome changes. The “If it ain’t broke…” philosophy is widely held.

Yet, the “new way” of last year quickly becomes the comfortable, old way of today. However, taking change in stride is easier for some people more than others.

Beyond any all the Mafia Wars requests, Timeline and a much-heralded IPO, however, Facebook has done something unprecedented and significant, especially for those of us playing the back nine of life. It has reconnected us with family and friends in ways never imagined.

Through Facebook, I keep up with my cousins like never before, spy on my daughters (It’s OK, they don’t read my blog), and share in the joys and sorrows of life with people from every place I’ve ever lived.

Oddly and appreciatively, I have actually established friendships with people I knew in my youth but weren’t really friends with back then. These new/old friendships have grown out of mutual friends, shared values and interests, and common roots.

The latest Facebook initiative is an offer to designate some as “close friends” — and to put gold stars by their names. Well I’m just ignoring that along with Mafia Wars requests and links from Fox News.

For me, friendships are not to be measured but to be counted as blessings.


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