As I lay in bed this morning, listening to the predawn serenade of our bedroom window birdie, I pondered what subject to approach in today’s blog. Several subjects came to mind, but none stood out more than the thoughts contained in David Gushee’s recent “A Christian’s Lament Over the Pew Torture Poll,” published Tuesday by Associated Baptist Press.

Gushee, distinguished professor of ethics at Mercer University, is better than most at cutting through cultural clutter to find clarity. I found his post to be so plaintive, prayerful, and prophetic that I wished more people would read it.

Instead of rehashing his comments here, I think the best service I can offer today is to encourage our readers to take a long look at Gushee’s lament, to let it soak in, to take it to Sunday School, to share it with others who may have let fear and expediency knock their spiritual bearings off kilter.

If you haven’t read Gushee’s prayerful piece, I hope you’ll do so now. Here’s the link.

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