Today, surfing is something all of us do, even if we don’t look good in a swim suit. No sandy blond hair, no surfboard, no sand, no coral to dodge as the wave throws us like a rag doll … we’re surfing the Net!

Surfing is what we all do when we hit the Web and jump around to the various places we want to go. Isn’t this a great time to be alive? The Internet is moving quietly and unseen into our world. There’s talk about making airlines Web friendly, even in flight! Go to one of your favorite coffee dives, and you’ll see folks sitting there with a cup of coffee and their laptops surfing the Net. I’m there myself most mornings trying to get my head set for the day, answering overnight e-mails and surfing my favorite sites.

Where do you like to go? What’s in your favorites file? Here are a few of my faves …

The New York Times: Too expensive to receive daily through a subscription, I still like to read the The Times to keep up with national/world news. No better writing in print journalism than what I regularly find there. Occasionally I splurge and buy a Sunday paper ($5) when I don’t have a full docket of Sunday afternoon or evening meetings, and I can loll around with a thick paper full of intriguing things to read. So, what’s too rich for my daily taste, I indulge through the Internet. Not as sexy, but still good to plunder what’s there. Usually it’s like a treasure hunt and seldom do I go away disappointed. I try to hit this site every morning to see what the major headlines have to say. If something’s happened in the world, I want to know how The Times has covered it. This is the site operated by the Baptist Center for Ethics (an organization we support through church mission funds), which is a think-tank and resource center providing materials for churches that give us a chance to think deeply about our world and offer a response driven by faith. This site will consistently give you something to chew on related to current events, cultural trends, politics, medicine, faith, church ministries, etc. Every day there are six or seven articles addressing the kinds of issues we talk about at work, at home and at church. It’s a stimulating review of what’s happening. Kathy Pickett, our pastor of congregational life, and I have contributed essays to this site on current issues. To see our past work, go to the search engine and plug in our names. We’ve also contributed sermons for e-publication there on a range of ethical issues.


I have a handful of bloggers I read as often as I’m able. These are often folks I know personally or have gotten to know through their writings. Some of them write daily, others write a couple of times a week. All of them are exceptional writers who have a creative eye and an ability to capture a thought worth sharing. If you haven’t delved into the world of blogs, try these:

Real Live Preacher: Gordon Atkinson is the king of bloggers, having broken into the blogosphere eight years ago. He writes out of a sense of wide-eyed wonder and a deep love for God and the church—while willing to ask the hard questions …

Christian Century Blogsite: This is a collective, sponsored by Christian Century, that Gordon Atkinson coordinates. It houses 40 or 50 blogs (like mine) from writers who come from all faith groups. Voices from all over the world are represented, and you’ll feast from the smorgasbord of opinions young and old articulating their views. Check out my blog, “A Diner at the End of Time,” and see what I’ve got on my mind!

Bill’s “Faith Matters” Weblog:  Bill Tammeus writes daily on a wide variety of religious issues of our day.

Don’t Eat Alone: Thoughts on Food, Faith, Family, and & Friends: This comes from Milton Cunningham and includes a jazzy, breezy view of all the sub-topics listed here. Milton’s a creative, thoughtful believer who’s bravely sharing from his everyday poetic world. Check out the recipes!

Robert Fulghum: Fulghum—of All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten fame—has a beautiful way of writing about his life and unique view of the world. I can’t help myself as he’s a writer with a true gift. Read his book, From Beginning to End: The Rituals of our Lives, if you need a rich, wonderful book to savor.

Dude, where do you like to surf?

Keith Herron is senior pastor of Holmeswood Baptist Church in Kansas City, Mo. He holds degrees from Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a doctor of ministry degree from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill. He and his wife, Wanda, have a son and daughter, Ben and Alex.

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