EthicsDaily is committed to working with global partners because we believe God’s love leaps over, plunges under and charges through human-made borders.

We are enthusiastically working with global partners to break down barriers and strengthen international bonds because EthicsDaily believes the words of Jesus in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world.”

The Greek word for “world” is interesting. The root of the word is “kosmos,” which means “something ordered.” However, in the Johannine context, it means “the inhabitants of the world.”

At EthicsDaily, we believe what Jesus proclaimed. God loves all the inhabitants of the world, not merely a favored elect that builds walls to protect power and influence.

Shane Claiborne notes the church has always been globally minded: “the church was an international institution long before globalization.” He is right.

God’s word of love, grace and salvation is a global message that echoes in the mountains, soars through the deserts and reverberates on the shores.

One of our longest partnerships is with the Baptist World Alliance. The BWA met in Zürich this year. EthicsDaily was there to participate as a global partner working to bring the light of the gospel to the world.

We interviewed many Baptists from around the world, learning about their ministries and work.

It was inspiring to hear how Baptists were feeding the hungry, empowering the poor, giving a voice to the voiceless, educating an emerging generation and sharing the gospel with the world.

A highlight of the meeting was worshipping in the Grossmünster Church, where Ulrich Zwingli led the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland.

The most sobering moment occurred when we filmed a piece next to the Limmat River, where Anabaptist Felix Manz was drowned for his beliefs regarding baptism.

Another sacred moment came when a group hiked through the mountains to a cave where Anabaptists worshipped.

Fearful of the Protestants, these courageous men and women of faith made the trek each week to worship God as their consciences dictated.

As we worshipped in the cave, we could feel the presence of the persecuted faithful with us.

While hiking to the cave, I met Tony Peck, general secretary for the European Baptist Federation. EBF is a coalition of European Baptist groups working together throughout the continent.

Peck and I discussed the possibility for EthicsDaily and EBF to work together, which produced an invitation for us to attend the EBF annual meeting in Lviv, Ukraine.

At the EBF annual meeting, we learned how European Baptists are addressing issues specific to them.

There were three main issues discussed at the meeting: the escalating conflict in Ukraine, the refugee crisis and the rise of populist ideology across the continent.

EthicsDaily is working with EBF to provide a European perspective on global issues. Also, we want to share their stories of inspiring Christians doing some remarkable things for the gospel.

In the future, EthicsDaily would like to establish formal partnerships with other Christian organizations and federations around the world.

EthicsDaily wants to work alongside them to advance the common good because we still believe God loves all the inhabitants of this world.

The only way we can continue sharing global stories and working with global partners is through the financial support of our readers, viewers and supporters.

If you want to read and watch more inspiring world-class pastors, theologians and thinkers from around the world, we invite you to invest in the future work of EthicsDaily and our collaborative efforts.

No donation is too small; we appreciate and value every dollar given to the cause of supporting biblical ethics and advocating for social justice around the world.

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