At one-month old, has already posted over 150 stories. That amounts to six new stories daily.

Diversity is key to this new Web site.

With over 20 contributing columnists, a handful of freelancers and three full-time staffers—not to mention outside news sources like Religion News Service, Mennonite Weekly Review and Institute for Global Engagement— covers a wide spectrum of issues from various angles. has brought you movie, book and Web site reviews, as well as news and commentary on the War on Terrorism, Enron, campaign finance, the State of the Union address and more. You have learned about other faith expressions like Islam, First Church of the Unity, AME and others. has given congregational leaders a place to turn for news and information on contemporary worship, denominational grief, mentoring, hospital etiquette and pastoral ethics. And the “Ethics Sermons” section of the site has become an excellent resource for church leaders.

All this and more, and we’re just getting started!

Here’s what some of you have said about

“Layout, graphics and readability are all excellent. Content is diverse, insightful and useful. I think this is going to be a valuable resource, not only for Baptists, but others as well.”—Ircel Harrison

“I like after three days. Honestly, the first time I browsed it I didn’t think I would. But the more I read the more I find it very helpful.”—Darrell James

“Great job on the new website. You are continuing to serve the Baptist (and wider Christian) community well. Thanks.”—Michael Duncan

About the E-newsletter:

“Blessings in this new adventure! This is one item I look forward to seeing in my mailbox.”—Kerry Horn

“WOW! I liked bcE*bytes. Now I’m hooked on! This is terrific stuff! Congratulations on your evolution into an even more effective informational cyber vehicle.”—Linda Hicks

“Congratulations on this splendid new site! It looks super, and it’s filled with useful and thoughtful content. I can tell that this will be a very valuable resource for Baptists in this new postmodern, e-driven culture.”—David Wright

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