Given that there are more small churches than mid- or large-sized churches, many pastors will eventually serve a small church. The small church was the topic for’s first live netcast. media producer Cliff Vaughn hosted the 11-minute netcast, which used Google “Hangout On Air” technology.

Joining Vaughn for the discussion were Chuck Warnock, pastor of Chatham Baptist Church in Chatham, Va., and Zach Dawes, former small-church pastor and now managing editor of

Warnock said a church membership of less than 200 people was no doubt a characteristic of small churches, but he also included other facets, like a solo pastorate and face-to-face relationships.

Dawes addressed expectations of pastors in small-church contexts, highlighting the priorities of pastoral care and community involvement.

Warnock and Dawes also discussed burnout in small churches – not only for pastors, but also for laity.

“Sometimes pastors contribute to laity overload because we have our go-to people that we know we can depend on,” said Warnock, author of the new book, “The Reconciling Community: The Missional Mending of Spiritual and Social Relationships Through Local Church Ministry.” “We ask them to do things over and over and over.”

Warnock’s advice: Don’t attempt to do more than a church can do, and don’t call on the same people to do everything.

The netcast appeared live on the main page of beginning at 11 a.m. ET Tuesday, and subsequently became available as a recording on’s YouTube channel. invites the public to submit show topics via Twitter (@EthicsDaily) or e-mail (

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