uses its weekly poll to gauge where readers stand on various issues.

Last week asked, “Should the SBC continue its boycott of Disney?” Seventy-five percent of those who responded to the poll said “no.” A mere 3.5 percent wanted the boycott to continue, while 21.4 percent didn’t even know the SBC was still boycotting Disney.

Here’s what readers said about some other issues:

Does your church adequately screen staff and volunteers?
Yes: 50%
No:  50%

Should ministers pay taxes on “love offerings” or “love gifts”?
Yes: 72%
No:  28%

How loyal are you to your denomination?
Very: 23%
Somewhat: 52%
Not at all: 25%

Do you support posting the Ten Commandments on public property?
Yes: 33.3%
No:  66.7%

Do you support your church’s involvement in interfaith prayer services?
Yes: 75.6%
No:  24.4%

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