will cover three upcoming events focused on racism in the U.S.

The Angela Project is a three-year initiative launched in 2017 by Simmons College of Kentucky in conjunction with the National Baptist Convention of America International Inc., The Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc. and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Cliff Vaughn, media producer at, will be in Louisville on Sept. 14-15 to provide video coverage of the 2018 gathering – the second of three annual events – focused on “The Illusion of Inclusion: 50 Years of Downward Mobility in Black America.”

“Racism continues to be a plague that poisons the soul of America,” said Mitch Randall,’s executive director. “EthicsDaily is committed to partnering with organizations that are committed to seeking racial justice and reconciliation.”

“Collaboration and collegiality in the pursuit of racial justice is an important venture for people of faith seeking the common good,” he continued. “We stand beside our brothers and sisters as we seek to keep the civil rights movement’s dream alive.”

Randall will be in Charlottesville, Virginia, in early October with board member and Baptist minister, Michael Cheuk, to cover the beginning of a “Charlottesville to Jamestown” pilgrimage that seeks “to take the next step in addressing racism in America and its attending systemic injustices.”

Organized by the Charlottesville Clergy Collective, formed in the wake of a 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, this “pilgrimage of transformation” will begin in Charlottesville on Oct. 6 and conclude on Oct. 13 with events in Jamestown.

Vaughn produced a short promotional video for the pilgrimage, which is available here.

Finally, staff will travel to Atlanta in mid-October to provide coverage of New Baptist Covenant’s 2018 summit through video production and columns reflecting on the experience.

Taking place during New Baptist Covenant’s 10th anniversary year, the summit, scheduled from Oct. 15-17, is organized around the theme of “Journey to Justice” and will consider “how we can bring together Baptists from different traditions and backgrounds for civil action rooted in racial reconciliation and transformation of communities.”

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