The website launched several new features today.
Chief among the new developments for the Nashville-based media outlet is an initiative involving Skype interviews with global experts on issues affecting the common good.

“I am pleased to announce that today, will be advancing the common good one Skype interview at a time,” said Robert Parham,’s executive editor, in the initiative’s firstvideo.

“We will be interviewing a variety of goodwill people of faith on a variety of issues via Skype and be showing those on our website,”

Skype is software that lets Internet users connect via audio and video channels. Conversations may be recorded.

Parham said goodwill people of faith “deserve and desire” moral commentary that keeps up with the 24/7 news cycle.

To that end, the Baptist Center for Ethics launched in 2002, first posting three to six stories each weekday. underwent a major redesign in 2009 to allow for more and fresher content. In late 2011, the site added a Twitter hub, fed continuously by staffers.

The new initiative continues the commitment to timely moral commentary using the best of affordable technology.

The Skype interviews will be posted to the EthicsDaily.comVimeoChannel and then embedded on the home page, which today begins featuring an expanded video hub roughly twice the size of its former video hub.

The video hub will feature various content throughout the week: new Skype interviews, trailers and clips of documentaries, as well as news and video from other channels and sources across the globe. also revealed today another deployment of Twitter technology.

“We’re adding a second Twitter hub, which will focus on confessional politics,” said Parham. “Since this is, in the United States, an election year, we will be having a second Twitter hub where we will address the politics related to religion and the common good.”

Chief among the contributors to this hub is Brian Kaylor, an assistant professor in communication studies at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va., and a contributingeditor to

Other tweaks to the site included improvements to the content management system and streamlining of the front page’s design.

The next interviewee scheduled for the Skype initiative is Paul Montacute, director of Baptist World Aid and 2005 recipient of the Baptist of the Year award.

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