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As approaches its six-month anniversary on July 14, we look back at the best-selling books.

Number 4
Confronting the Controversies: A Christian Looks at the Tough Issues
By Adam Hamilton

What reviewer Jack Glasgow wrote:

“This book will probably do little good where Christians hold opinions with an absolute certainty and leave no room for dialog or disagreement. But, where Christians in community seek understanding through open dialog, this book can effectively promote healthy ethical analysis on some of our day’s more controversial issues.”

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Number 3
Honoring the Body: Meditations on a Christian Practice
By Stephanie Paulsell

What reviewer Kyle Reese wrote:

Honoring the Body is a worthwhile read for a Christian attempting to connect faith and practice. The book reminds the reader how seemingly insignificant acts can deepen one’s faith and appreciation for God’s work in the body.

For some, Paulsell’s examples will stretch the limit of what is acceptable human behavior regarding human sexuality. However, one must trust that Paulsell has struggled through these issues and stands by her convictions, whether the reader agrees or not.

One will find a thoughtful, helpful book on practices which honor the body as God’s gift to humanity. Paulsell introduces the reader to a way of viewing the body that is unmistakably Christian and faithful.”

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Number 2
Cracking Your Congregation’s Code: Mapping Your Spiritual DNA to Create Your Future
By Richard Southern and Robert Norton

What reviewer Dave Russell wrote:

Cracking the Code reads well and includes some helpful illustrations. Clergy and congregational leaders interested in church health and vitality, area ministers and other denominational leaders with responsibilities for church planting and revitalization will find Southern and Norton’s work useful.

Churches looking at streamlining or updating their organizational structure might consider doing so around the four systems discussed here.”

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Number 1
River of the Soul: A Spirituality Guide for Christian Youth
By Brent McDougal

What reviewer Johnny Lewis wrote:

River of the Soul is a solid resource for youth workers to pass along to students. I suggest youth workers buy the book, read it for themselves, then share it with older or more mature youth who are looking for a deeper journey. The material will, at times, require some guidance from a youth worker or an adult mentor.

But perhaps that is a strength rather than a weakness. So jump into this river, then bring your students along for the swim.”

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