An ad promoting a trip to Glacier National Park

Never have I passed a BBQ joint (the AP Stylebook insists that “barbecue” is the proper journalistic spelling however) that did not claim to have been voted the best.

One must wonder how this can be. Not one place proclaims having come in a close second.

Now I know about the big BBQ competitions around the nation, but this is about restaurants that all seem to revel in being chosen as the best. I’m not sure where such voting takes place, but perhaps a delegation from the Carter Center should be sent in to monitor.

Were they voted “Best BBQ” by a magazine, a newspaper or a survey of employees wanting to keep their jobs?

While I limit myself to such delicious delights these days, I wouldn’t mind at all stopping in for a chopped pork and slaw sandwich from the second or third best place in any state around.

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