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If you have always wanted to visit the land of patriarchs and prophets, to walk where Jesus walked and breathe the fresh air of Galilee, your best opportunity is at hand. Join Nurturing Faith Journal Bible study writer and divinity school professor Tony Cartledge along with Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall and veteran guide Doron Heiliger for an amazing introduction to Israel and the West Bank May 17-28, 2022.

Cartledge and Heiliger have worked together for 25 years. Their depth of experience makes possible a tour that goes far beyond typical tourist packages to include more archaeological sites, an opportunity to participate in ongoing archaeological work, and a chance to understand the dynamic tensions of modern Israel by visiting with Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem.

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We begin by gathering at a departure airport (to be determined) for a nonstop flight to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Upon arrival the next morning, we’ll begin our tour by driving up the coastal plain to visit the Roman capital of Caesarea Maritima, then adjourn to Hadera to overnight in a beachfront hotel overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

The next morning we visit the once-powerful city of Megiddo, Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, and other important sites before arriving for a three-day stay at our kibbutz hotel in Nof Ginosar, on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee.

From there we’ll visit sites including an ancient temple in Dan at the headwaters of the Jordan, the springs of Banyas at Caesarea Philippi, and majestic views of Mount Herman from the Golan Heights. Around the Sea of Galilee we will visit the beautiful Mount of Beatitudes; the village of Capernaum, where Jesus taught and lodged at Peter’s home; Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene; and other sites. We’ll take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee itself, pausing to be quiet and imagine what it would have been like to sail in the same area that the disciples fished.

We will visit Tel Beth She’an, towering above the Roman city of Scythopolis, and admire the date palm plantations surrounding Jericho, the ancient “City of Palms.” We’ll travel south to Masada, visit the springs of Ein Gedi, and see the village of Qumran, including Cave 4, where some of the most important Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Afterward, we’ll visit the Dead Sea itself.


Tourists standing outside a synagogue in Capernaum

In Jerusalem, we’ll spend five nights at the kibbutz hotel Ramat Rachel. From that base, we’ll explore other areas and participate in an archaeological expedition, either going underground in Mareshah (Micah’s hometown near the Valley of Elah), or with the Temple Sifting Project.

In the Old City, we’ll walk on Temple Mount, pray at the Western Wall, and visit the pools of Bethsaida and Siloam. We’ll have devotions in the Antonia Fortress, and have a chance to stand barefoot on the first-century Roman road where Jesus may have begun his long walk to Calvary. From there we’ll pass by several “stations of the cross” along the Via Dolorosa, working our way into the crowded Arab Quarter and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

We’ll have a chance to visit the City of David, explore Hezekiah’s tunnel, and sit on the same Southern Steps that pilgrims used to visit Jerusalem in Jesus’ day … and more.

In Bethlehem, we’ll visit the traditional site of Jesus’ birth and have conversations with Palestinian Christians at Bethlehem Bible College, learning first-hand what it is like to live under Israeli occupation.

And this isn’t all: we’ll visit the Yad VeShem Holocaust Memorial and the Israel Museum, share communion at the Garden Tomb, and enjoy a delicious farewell dinner before returning home, tired but richer for the experience of visiting the Holy Land and building sacred relationships with new friends along the way.


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Pricing + Registration

Total cost: $4,350 (add $900 for a private room).

: $800 to reserve a spot (the remaining balance is due two months prior to the trip).

The price is all-inclusive (airfare, lodging, meals, experienced guide, activities, travel in Israel and the West Bank via a deluxe motor coach and all tips).

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