By John D. Pierce

Tomorrow begins back-to-back Nurturing Faith Experiences to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in northern Montana, led by Bruce Gourley, our local Montanan and guide extraordinaire. We look forward to exploring the handiwork of the Creator and enjoying the relationships that will grow from these experiences.

Please know that we have other wonderful Nurturing Faith Experiences for you to consider over the next year.

First, there is the opportunity on Thursday, Sept. 14, to visit the historic civil rights sites in Atlanta with one who was not only an eye witness to but a participant in that important movement that shaped our nation and beyond.

Dr. Albert Paul Brinson, while attending Morehouse College, participated in the Student Movement and was arrested as part of the lunchtime sit-ins. Also, he participated in the March on Washington and the Selma to Montgomery March.

A close friend and ministry associate to Drs. Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr., he will share firsthand experiences as we move from site to site on a chartered bus. We will have a private luncheon at historic Paschal’s Restaurant, the unofficial communications center of the movement.

It will be a memorable day. Please register while space remains.

Talk about unique opportunities! Astrophysicist  Paul Wallace will lead the Big Island, Big Sky experience, March 10-16, 2018, to the Island of Hawaii, where we’ll look deeply into space from Mauna Kea.

In addition to Paul’s tour of the sky, we’ll have a private look through one of the world’s greatest telescopes — as well as the chance to discuss issues of faith and science while exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and other remarkable natural settings. We’re about half way to capacity, so register soon.

Looking ahead to next summer, Bruce and I have reserved excellent housing for two back-to-back experiences in Montana and Wyoming. Be assured that Bruce’s local contacts enable us to experience things lone tourists cannot.

The Old West: Yellowstone/Cody Experience, July 14-21, 2018, will include the best of Yellowstone plus time in the western town of Cody with its nightly rodeo. We’ll view wildlife in its natural setting, worship atop Lake Butte and picnic along the scenic Beartooth Highway.

A more-active experience will follow on July 21-28. Yellowstone/Tetons Adventures will include hiking and rafting within two national parks as well as horseback riding in Yellowstone’s  backcountry. Theologian John Franke will join us to guide our conversations about faith.

To learn more, to plan ahead and to register, visit Great experiences await!

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