“Among Us,” Good Faith Media’s fall giving campaign, is well underway. So far, viewers like you have heard from our leaders about the valuable resources and offerings available through our website. 

Our talented contributors provide articulate and reflective articles that encourage us to consider the perspectives of others and help us feel less alone in our feelings when it comes to issues like freedom of (and from) religion, reproductive justice, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and much more.

Our original podcasts provide a space for our staff to interact with other leaders in our network and ecosystem who are with us in mission to create a more just and fair society. 

But what happens after Starlette edits and posts articles to the site? What is the next step after Mitch and Missy stop recording and Cliff adds the finishing touches to the next Good Faith Weekly audio files? How do our Nurturing Faith titles end up on bookshelves all over the country?

These high-quality products and resources end up with me for distribution on our social media platforms. We are active on all major apps: Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok. (If you are on any of these, we invite you to follow us.)

It is vital for Good Faith Media to grow our audience in these fast-changing digital spaces. My responsibility is to make sure every resource, book, article, podcast episode and video have the best chance of reaching as many people as possible. 

And this can be a challenge sometimes. We have a lot of content, which is a very good problem to have!

We are witnessing a lot of growth on our social media pages. Every day, we are seeing new names and faces interacting with our content. 

For example, our Instagram page has seen an increase of about 450 followers in the last 6 months. We are excited about that. 

The work we do would not be possible without the support of our followers and those online who engage with our posts and share them with their friends. It makes the hours of hard work and planning worth it.

It is incredibly validating for us as a progressive organization because we entered a space that has too often been controlled by voices on the far-right end of the political and theological spectrum. We want to continue to grow in this space and show the world that there is a better way.

As the creative coordinator for publishing and marketing, I am grateful for our dedicated followers who check our pages every morning and stay up to date on our projects. 

Interacting with Good Faith Media on social media does not cost you anything. Liking a post on X or reposting a graphic on your Instagram stories is a quick and easy way to show your support. 

Most of our offerings are free. But today I am asking you to consider giving financially to Good Faith Media, so that our staff can continue to provide these free and low-cost resources at the intersection of faith and culture.

As a non-profit, we rely on your generosity. We need your help so that we can continue providing high-quality products and services to your homes, churches, communities and social media feeds. 

If you agree that Good Faith Media has improved your life or helped you in your faith journey, please consider investing in our work on a more personal level. You can find out more on how to become a donor at https://goodfaithmedia.org/donate/.

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