In the Gospel of John, the evangelist writes, “And the Word became flesh and lived among us” (1:14a).

A careful reading of the text points to God’s living word taking human flesh in the person of Jesus from Nazareth. Jesus’ life and teachings demonstrate the full revelation of God’s compassion, love, peace, justice and hope for the world.

Through the carpenter from a rural community turned rabbi, we witness God’s full glory on display.

However, a question persists: Did God’s word among us ascend to the heavens after the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Lordy, I hope not.

In fact, Jesus expanded his presence in the world through those he left behind. The Apostles — along with throngs of disciples — continued his teachings. While the church has not always gotten it right, there are many instances when the echoes of the incarnate word reverberate.

At Good Faith Media, we are fortunate to experience the continuation of Jesus’ presence among us. We encounter so many inspirational people of faith, working tirelessly to bring love, justice and hope into the lives of others.

We hope these encounters offer our readers, listeners and viewers just as much hope as they give us. Through our print, digital, video and podcast formats, Good Faith Media seeks to educate, equip and empower our followers with inspiring and challenging stories and content.

The many stories in Nurturing Faith Journal provide insight to amazing people. The Bible studies are both informative and challenging, a great combination for anyone serious about studying the scriptures.

The books we’ve published this year catalog how Jesus still dwells among us through standing up to racism and standing up for the inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ+ people.

GFM’s digital content continues to expand its reach with thought-provoking columnists writing about the most relevant topics at the intersection of faith and culture. The editorial team works overtime each week to ensure the very best quality columns find their way to your inbox each day.

Partnering with other organizations to produce a variety of celebrative videos reminds us that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” We are honored that other organizations are seeking out GFM’s video production team to create some truly inspirational stories.

In addition, GFM is receiving more and more invitations to hold space at conferences and meetings across the country. In many of these instances, we are invited to spaces where faith organizations have not been present. We count this an honor and a privilege to participate.

The Good Faith Media Podcast Network continues to grow our audience. Through innovative storytelling like “A Second Language,” a podcast that chronicles the story of Second Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, to the influential guests interviewed on The Raceless Gospel podcast and Good Faith Weekly, GFM’s podcasts are reaching thousands of listeners each year.

Because of your generosity, Good Faith Media continues living into our motto that there is always “more to tell.”

Jesus is still among us, living out the word of God through the good people we encounter each week. Their stories and reflections provide a much-needed witness within our world.

How does GFM accomplish so much each year, you might ask?  Well, it’s because of you.

As a nonprofit organization, the generosity of our donors provides us with the much-needed resources that keep us telling stories and writing thoughtful columns.

During the month of October, Good Faith Media is emphasizing that Jesus is “Among Us.” We find Jesus everywhere, in our churches, neighborhoods and communities.

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Jesus still dwells among us! How do we know?

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Indeed, Jesus still dwells among us.

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