America’s moral decline is at its lowest point in 20 years, according to Jerry Falwell.

Writing in the February issue of his National Liberty Journal, Falwell said, “Things are even worse today” than in 1979, when he founded the Moral Majority.

Falwell wrote, “Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics are being persecuted as never before and the moral deterioration in our society is once again eating away at the Judeo-Christian fabric of this nation.”

Expressing hope for a “resurgence of the moral majority,” Falwell acknowledged a shift away from the combative nature of the religious right.

“The major difference I see in conservative people of faith today is that they lack—for now—the warrior spirit that defined the moral movement of the late 70s,” Falwell wrote.

The National Liberty Journal also noted Pat Robertson’s departure from the Christian Coalition, James Dobson’s disengagement from political activity and the financial problems of Concerned Women for America.

Falwell made no commitment to restarting the Moral Majority.

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