Leaders of more than 40 statewide family groups sent a letter Tuesday urging the Southern Baptist Convention to adopt a resolution on homosexual “activism” in public schools.

The letter urged Gene Mims, chairman of the SBC Resolutions Committee, to allow messengers at the upcoming SBC annual meeting to vote on a proposed “Resolution on Homosexuality in Public Schools.”

“We, as pro-family leaders, see the need for the passage of such a resolution,” said Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania and a signatory on the letter. “But it will get nowhere until it is out of the Resolutions Committee.”

The 46 signers claim to represent “hundreds of thousands of individuals who are concerned about the presence of homosexual tolerance and diversity programs within the public school system in America.”

“Passage of this resolution would be a step in the right direction in protecting our most precious legacy–our children,” the letter says. “There are reports that teachers and students who have deeply held religious beliefs have actually been ostracized and ridiculed for their belief that engaging in homosexual behavior is wrong. Many times students are taught that these beliefs are due to ‘homophobia’ and hate. And sadly, these teachings can cause a great many to question their parents’ and their own beliefs, as well as the origin of those beliefs–the Bible.”

Gramley said the coalition, which includes nine state affiliates of the American Family Association, eight state affiliates of Concerned Women for America, five state affiliates of Eagle Forum, 15 state affiliates of Focus on the Family and other independent pro-family groups, came together in about a week.

The resolution, proposed by Texas evangelist Voddie Baucham and Houston attorney Bruce Shortt, urges Southern Baptist congregations it investigate whether their local school district promotes homosexuality through sex-education, programs teaching tolerance and diversity or clubs for gay students.

It encourages churches that find themselves to located in such a school district “inform the parents of this fact and encourage them to remove their children from the school district’s schools immediately.”

In addition to urging Mims to move the resolution out of committee, Gramley said the leaders were encouraging SBC congregations in their respective states to contact members of the Resolutions Committee urging them to move the resolution forward and asking Southern Baptist attending the convention to vote in favor of it.

Baptist signers include Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc., who was a pastor for 20 years before taking the position.

Another is Bobbie Patray, president of the Tennessee Eagle Forum, a member of Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn.

Grady Arnold, executive director of GetTheKidsOut.org, is co-sponsor of another resolution on Christian education that has been submitted to the Resolutions Committee. It describes the “toxic spiritual nature” of public schools.

Elizabeth Watkins of Allen, Texas, is founding director of the Southern Baptist Church & Home Education Association.

“Being involved in public policy on a daily basis, we encounter first hand the detrimental affects that homosexual activism has on the children in our nation’s public school system,” the letter says. “Parents must be made aware of such activity.”

The leaders said gay-straight alliances, diversity clubs, tolerance classes and even programs with “safe-sounding” titles like anti-bullying or safe schools are being used by homosexual groups to get their message that “gay is okay” through schoolhouse doors.

“The evidence clearly points to the fact that homosexual activists are out to change the hearts and minds of the nation into accepting their lifestyle,” the letters says. “What more effective way than to target our children who are a captive audience within the four walls of their school?”

Bob Allen is managing editor of EthicsDaily.com.

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