What is Good Faith Media (GFM)?

GFM is an exciting new venture resulting from the combination of Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith.

These two historic Baptist organizations have more than 60 years of combined history in providing reliable information and timely resources to people of faith who desire to pursue justice and advance the common good.

GFM will provide reflection and resources at the intersection of culture and faith through an inclusive Christian lens. While staying true to historic Baptist principles of freedom rooted in the founding organizations, GFM will establish ecumenical and interfaith partnerships.

Why are Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith combining and creating a new organization?

GFM provides a positive example of people of faith coming together rather than competing and allows the challenges of this new era to be engaged from a position of strength rather than survival.

Combining these two organizations into one new, expanded venture provides for good financial stewardship as well as creating a larger, collaborative team with various gifts in the broad arena of faith-based media.

Who are the leaders of GFM?

GFM executive leaders are: Mitch Randall, CEO; Autumn Lockett, Executive Director of Development and Marketing; John Pierce, Executive Editor / Publisher. The larger team stretches across six states from North Carolina to Texas to Montana.

More than 40 volunteer directors, elected and serving according to best practices for non-profit organizations, comprise the GFM Governing Board and Strategic Advisory Board.

What is happening to the current Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith staff?

The current staffs of Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith form the new staff of GFM, with some adjustments to titles and roles and with the addition of an executive director of marketing and development.

Where will GFM be headquartered?

GFM uses a virtual office approach, with staff located in several states. Headquarters will be in Norman, Oklahoma, where two of the three executive leaders reside, with some publishing based in Georgia.

I have a question not answered in this document, so who should I contact?

Email your question to and we will respond.


What resources will GFM offer?

GFM will combine and expand all the resources of Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith. GFM’s four primary offerings will be: news and opinion; videos and podcasts; publishing (Bible study curriculum; journal; books); and in-person experiences.

Will resources continue to be published at and after launches?

No. The URLs for both sites will be retained and will re-direct readers to the new GFM site where they will be able to access all of the resources previously provided at these sites. The approach and schedule for resource publication will largely remain the same as that which was done by Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith.

Will my Nurturing Faith Journal subscription continue?

Yes. GFM strengthens the good things Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith are now doing.


What will happen to the Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith social media accounts in July 2020?

Current accounts will remain “live” and accessible for a period of time, but the accounts will no longer be updated. Starting in July, updates and content posts will be made only via GFM accounts. Notices of this change will be posted to the Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith social media pages.

How can I connect with GFM on social media?

GFM has active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo. We also have a podcast, “Good Faith Weekly, available on Whooshkaa, iTunes and Spotify.

If I’m subscribed to the Ethics Daily e-newsletter or the Nurturing Faith email list, will I receive the GFM e-newsletter when launches?

Yes, when officially launches in July, the email lists for both Ethics Daily and Nurturing Faith will be migrated over to Good Faith Media.

We will offer two email subscription options: (1) a daily email similar to what Ethics Daily currently distributes with all of the content posted each day, and (2) a weekly email similar to what Nurturing Faith currently distributes with various content from the week highlighted.

For existing email subscriptions, Ethics Daily readers will be added to the GFM daily email list, while Nurturing Faith readers will be added to the GFM weekly email list. Anyone can subscribe to either list or to both lists through an online form that will be embedded at

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