1. The Abortion Rate is At An All-Time Low. Better Birth Control Under the Obama Administration is Largely to Thank. (Vox)
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  3. A Full Transcript of Donald Trump’s Black History Month Remarks (Deadspin)
  4. Trump’s High Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch: Another Scalia on Church-State Issues (Americans United)
  5. ERLC-Organized Coalition Endorses Gorsuch for Confirmation (Baptist Press)
  6. Hobby Lobby and Executive Power: Gorsuch’s Key Rulings (CNN)
  7. Neil Gorsuch Wrote the Book on Assisted Suicide. Here’s What He Said. (Washington Post)
  8. Draft of Trump Executive Order Allows Firing Based on Religion (Reveal News)
  9. BJC’s Amanda Tyler: Trump Executive Order on Immigration a ‘Back Door Ban on Muslim Refugees’ (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)
  10. Trump’s Muslim Ban: ‘It’s Shock and Awe Without Bombs’ (Al Jazeera)
  11. Most Americans Don’t Think Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Make Them Safer (TIME)
  12. Chattanooga Religious Leaders Provide Direction Amid Uncertainty About Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order (Times Free Press)
  13. You Have to be a Christian to Truly be ‘American’? Many People in the U.S. Say So. (Washington Post)
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  17. Artists Transform Church Pews into Art (Austin American-Statesman)
  18. Homeless Find Rest in Faith-Based Shelters More than Others (RNS)
  19. Facts are the Reason Science is Losing During the Current War on Reason (The Guardian)
  20. You Won’t Believe What Baby-Making Science Could Soon Deliver (NBC News)
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