Baptists from the past and present are celebrated in a new film that has been launched on YouTube.
“Being Baptist – Called Gathered Sent” is a 15-minute film commemorating the 400th anniversary of a Baptist presence in the United Kingdom.

Involving six Baptist churches and four associations, the film intersperses tales from Baptist history with interviews of Baptists today on a variety of topics, including women’s ministry, worship, baptism, evangelism and church meetings.

Not only has the film been produced to mark the 400th anniversary, but also to accompany the popular Baptist Basics leaflet series produced by the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) in 2009 as a resource to help churches explain to prospective new members what it means to belong to a Baptist church.

In his introduction to the film, BUGB general secretary, Rev. Jonathan Edwards, describes Baptists as a “movement of Christians.”

“We are really best described as a movement of Christians. We have been gathered together by Christ, and then in the power of the Spirit we have been sent out to work for him,” he said.

“These are really challenging days so it is a good moment to look back at our radical history, to remind ourselves of where we have come from and to remind ourselves of the journey we are on with the Holy Spirit.”

Click here to watch the video.

This article appeared originally in TheBaptistTimes of Great Britain.

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