Not surprisingly since the Sept. 11 attacks, firefighters, nurses and the military ranked among the top three professions reflecting the highest marks for honesty and ethics.

The annual CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll, conducted Nov. 26-27, revealed that 90 percent of Americans rated firefighters “first among people of different professions for their honesty and integrity.”
More than eight in 10 Americans gave nurses and members of the U.S. military high ratings for honesty and ethics.
“Gallup’s honesty and ethics poll confirms the ancient wisdom that actions speak louder than words,” said Robert Parham, executive director for the Baptist Center for Ethics.
Following the top three are police (68 percent), pharmacists (68 percent), medical doctors (66 percent) and clergy (64 percent).
At the bottom of the list are car salesmen, with only 8 percent of Americans ranking them as having “high” or “very high” ethical standards.
Journalists garnered 29 percent of Americans’ support, putting them ahead of members of Congress, senators, stockbrokers, lawyers and insurance salespersons.

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