Perhaps you’ve heard the term “flash mob.” It’s what happens when a group of people, often through communications on a social media website, gather in a public place and perform some sort of unusual or unexpected act for a short time, then they melt back into the woodwork. Usually someone records the event for posting on Youtube (see a selection here).

A crowd of people might show up in Times Square at a certain time, for example, have a big pillow fight or dance to a pre-chosen song on their iPods, and then blend back into the crowd. Some churches have seen the flash mob phenomenon as an opportunity to provide seasonal inspiration — perhaps you’ve seen this video, one that makes me cry, of a mall food court being taken over by joyful folk singing the Hallelujah Chorus. 

Has your church used the “flash mob” idea as a means of ministry or outreach in some way? I’m sure others would be interested in hearing about it. Just post a comment here, I’ll be watching for them to make sure they’re approved, and perhaps we can have a “flash blog” of creative ideas emerging.

What’s your idea?

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