Flowers are amazing things.

I took lots of biology courses, so I know that flowers play a variety of important roles in the life of plants, especially related to reproduction. Fragrance, color, shape, and size all work together to attract the right kind of pollinators or fulfill some other function that contributes to the survival of the species.

But that sort of knowledge is not nearly so much fun as imagining that they were made just for our enjoyment. I enjoy flowers any time, but especially on morning walks when the dog is dragging me through the neighborhood. My cell phone has a poor camera, but sometimes I can’t help but stop and snap a picture before the blossoms fade.

Many of our neighbers have been kind enough to offer streetside delight in the form of mandevilla-covered mailboxes, patches of day-lilies, fragrant roses, and any number of other posies. Where nature remains fully in charge I relish the scent of honeysuckles and wonder at the glory of tulip poplar trees festooned with green and orange blossoms.

When I get back to my yard I can walk past the petunias and get a full olfactory experience by standing between my magnolia tree and my gardenia bushes.

Taking the time to ponder beauty and breathe deeply and remember the Creator … I do believe it feels like prayer.


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