FREEDOMBy John D. Pierce

After addressing a pertinent issue directly and boldly I sometimes receive much appreciated affirmation for being courageous. But the opportunity to write in such an open, unrestricted way is more the result of the freedom granted by those who support the mission of Nurturing Faith.

Our independent Board of Directors ensures editorial freedom, and there is no institutional overlord to suppress the honest grappling and needed critiques. For such freedom, I am very grateful.

More than courage, our efforts to speak truth to issues that challenge thoughtful and compassionate Christian living today are fueled by freedom and funding.

A bevy of supporters (numbering nearly 1,000) stands with us in voice and giving. Gifts are large and small, annual and monthly, one-time gifts or three-year pledges.

But they all add up to providing our ability to write and publish timely blogs, Nurturing Faith Journal, books and helpful resources as well as provide informative and inspiring experiences,  — often in collaboration with others who share our values and mission.

Such support is critical. It is the cake, not just the icing. We need those who will stand up so we can speak up.

Might you become one of those on this Giving Tuesday? If so, just click here. Thanks!

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