Getting Honest with God is a brief 168-page insight into prayer and communication between honest intimate friends. Mark Littleton is an author and speaker from Kansas City.

Littleton establishes prayer as a vital part of a deep and intimate relationship with God. He describes a relationship with a Christ who is approachable, is a mentor, teacher, friend, and Savior.

The intimacy of prayer allows the believer to approach God with total honesty–including doubt, anger and fear–and in hope. Littleton uses familiar biblical texts set beside personal testimony to illustrate prayer as a totally honest communication with an all-powerful and loving God.

Littleton uses a two-pronged approach of mixing personal experience and biblical examples to drive home his message. His use of personal experience during a deep period of depression is a powerful testimony of the power of prayer and the hope that a gracious God really listens when we pray.

This book will be of value as a devotional guide or a discipleship piece for the study of prayer.

The author explores personalities of biblical characters such as Jonah, Elijah, Thomas and others during their struggles to be honest with God. From a doubting faith or a request for healing, the reader can almost identify with the characters in their struggle to find God and direction through prayer.

The reader will also find hope from modern day struggles with topics such as doubts, depression and divorce from the author.

Getting Honest with God: Praying As If God Really Listens is published by InterVarsity Press.

Jim Royston is executive director/treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

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