By John D. Pierce

Recently CNN reported a sad story of how some seniors and others have been scammed multiple times and are considered ripe for the picking.

So their names and contact information are sold on what is deemed a “suckers list.”

Something as innocent as donating to particular charities can lead to one’s data being shared with those who make unfulfilled promises and use scare tactics to extract money from those who fall for their shameful schemes.

It is not easy, but the report offers some wise practices and technical suggestions for avoiding or trying to get off of such lists. However, rejecting offers from those who use fear for motivation and misdirect from initial claims is important as well.

I have never seen an official evangelical suckers list but I’ve certainly watch multitudes of gullible believers fall for a politicized version of “Christianity” that excludes or downplays Jesus.

In fact, the publicly practiced, highly politicized religion of many so-called evangelical leaders showcases attitudes and actions in stark contrast to the very life and teachings of Jesus.

Yet, through media, conferences, political rallies and formal dinners, and varied pulpits, this reshaping of the “Gospel” from the liberating Good News of Jesus to fear-based discrimination and self preservation spreads deep and wide.

The need to “share the Gospel” is as great on the inside of the evangelical world as on the outside right now.

Jesus revealed the love and grace of God to the world; he didn’t establish a controlling, national clubhouse for a select few. If we claim to follow him, our ways of living should align with his.

Otherwise, we are suckers for something else that makes a mockery of his name.


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