By John D. Pierce

A gift subscription to Nurturing Faith Journal is not as tasty as a candy cane or a chocolate Santa — but it lasts a lot longer. And it leaves one feeling well informed and inspired rather than in a sugar stupor.

So you simply click here to order online or call our world headquarters in Macon, Ga., at (478) 301-5655 to get started. Give as many as you wish — we haven’t printed them all yet.

Good news is you won’t have to stick some note in a gift box or stocking. The first issue of the New Year will actually arrive in mailboxes before Christmas.

It includes a Q&A with our faith/science guy Paul Wallace about how to reconcile those two worlds that too many find oddly at odds. Alice Cates Clarke shines new light on Jesus’ unusual encounter with a Canaanite woman.

Marion Aldridge grades Americans on handling grief when no one dies. Larry Hovis finds and shares different perspectives on hope and despair.

Historian Bruce Gourley explores how those treated as religious outcasts are shaping the nation’s conscience. He continues his series on “Religion & the American Presidents,” as well, with LBJ in the spotlight.

Each issue of Nurturing Faith Journal is chocked full of goodies — yet one size fits all mailboxes.

Geeky people can receive digital subscriptions. Either format grants full access to the superb scholarly but applicable weekly Bible studies by Tony Cartledge — including his video overview of each lesson.

And all of this original content is found nowhere else in print or online.

Throughout the next year your friends and family will think of you each time the journal arrives. And next Thanksgiving, you’ll be expressing gratitude for how much more informed and inspired everyone seems to be.

So grab your list, and click or call. And soon the first issue will be on its way.

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