By John D. Pierce

Never have I claimed to speak for anyone other than myself. But I’m always honored when told that my words have conveyed the thoughts and concerns of others as well.

Shaping and sharing perspectives on faithful living in challenging times is a privilege and responsibility afforded to me by those who support the ministry of Nurturing Faith. For that I’m very grateful.

Nurturing Faith — broader than my single voice — provides a needed platform, both digitally and in print, to share information, offer analysis and tell stories that encourage and inspire our faithful engagement.

So often the loudest public expressions of Americanized Christianity are narrow, exclusionary doctrinal claims and self-serving, political ideologies lacking the very essence of what Jesus came to offer.

Therefore, alternative voices — crying in the wilderness of the harsh and demeaning civil religion rampant in American culture today — are greatly needed.

Your generous giving is what gives us our voice. The very freedom that allows us to speak without self-protective, institutional restraints is what makes us fragile.

Please help us to speak loudly and clearly. We rely on friends who not only encourage us with words but invest in the mission.

Charitable gifts to Nurturing Faith (Baptists Today, Inc.) may be made here online or by calling (478) 301-5655 or by mail to P.O. Box 6318, Macon, GA 31208-6318.

Your gifts amplify the call to take seriously Jesus’ well-expressed priority for his followers: to love God with all our being and our broadly-defined neighbors as ourselves.

Thank you so much for joining your voice with ours! We sound better that way — and are better heard.


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