What do you say to someone for whom God seems silent in the face of their prolonged and honest prayers?

That’s just one of the questions the latest undated Bible study curriculum from Acacia Resources seeks to answer. God’s Purposes in Prayer offers 13 lessons designed to help adults reach a more complete understanding of prayer.

The Hebrew word for prayer, tefilah, which means “to judge” or “to differentiate,” provides a critical key to this understanding.

Dispelling a popular myth about prayer, these Bible studies reveal prayer not as a platform from which to list our wants and needs before God, but as the process of discovering who we are in relation to God and who God wants us to become.

From some of the oldest biblical texts and the lives of people like Hannah, David, Solomon, Elisha and Nehemiah, these studies remind us that God’s purposes in prayer extend beyond us and what we want to embrace the whole world, past, present and future.

Acacia Resources, the publishing division of Baptist Center for Ethics, releases new adult Bible study curricula quarterly. Offering separate students guides and leaders guides, the undated units are available in PDF format and provide an economical option for churches looking for reliable, cutting-edge Bible study resources.

For more information about Acacia Resources and current titles, click here.

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