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By John Pierce

About three years ago, David Cassady of Faith Lab and I were in Barnes & Noble where we were appropriately discussing books and the shifting landscape of publishing. David, who stays abreast of publishing trends and technology in general, shared a unique plan he was devising.

It was an approach to book publishing that makes use of the latest technology while giving authors the opportunity for more rewards for their good work. The ensuing conversation led us to map out a plan that would constructively engage authors, produce excellent books available as digital downloads and in print, and promote the titles strategically.

Suddenly, we realized — like a light bulb coming on above our heads — that the combined resources of Faith Lab and Baptists Today provided everything needed to launch this new venture very successfully. Together we had the “know how,” marketing outlets, organizational structures, good contacts and a most talented group of designers, copy editors, etc.

Having just started the Nurturing Faith Bible Studies inside Baptists Today news journal, we also had a name. “Nurturing Faith” was an ideal imprint for the book-publishing venture we were envisioning.

What we sketched out that day was shared with others — including directors of Baptists Today — and was well received. With some legal work to protect the name and create the proper structure (Nurturing Faith, Inc. as a nonprofit subsidiary), we opened for business.

Our goal — that we made up since governing boards ask for such things — was six to eight books per year. Less than three years later we have published 30 titles.

These books are available to peruse and purchase at this week’s Cooperative Baptist Fellowship national assembly in Atlanta — as well as anytime through our upgraded online store,

Manuscript submissions have been steady and wonderful, and we are most pleased by the excellent relationships with authors who embrace the great advantages of this innovative approach and have expressed appreciation for their experiences.

Our first titles included Michael Ruffin’s devotional Prayer 365 and Lynelle Mason’s moving personal story, Tarnished Haloes, Open Hearts: A Story of Finding and Giving Acceptance. Also, we published a collection of Brett Younger’s popular humor columns into The Lighter Side: Serving Up Life Lessons with a Smile.

We’ve published excellent fiction, autobiographies, devotional and spirituality books, church resources and more.

We have not slowed down — with more books now flowing through the system. A couple of authors have published more than once with us already: William Tuck Powell and Jon Roebuck, whose Christmas: Then and Now is newly available.

To learn more about this unique and rewarding approach to book publishing or to submit a manuscript for consideration or to shop for excellent books in print or as digital downloads, visit our online store.

Jennifer Wylie, whose book is newly published, sent a recent note of appreciation to acquisitions editor Lex Horton about her experience with Nurturing Faith Books.

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with The Greater Gift book. I love the size, the cover, the graphics, fonts, colors, everything that makes the manuscript a book,” she wrote. “I am very thankful to you … and the Nurturing Faith team for believing in the writing and for giving it life.”

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