Good Faith Forums

Beginning in July 2020, Good Faith Media began holding forums on contemporary trends and issues, offering insights and analysis from expert panelists to help people of good faith to engage such matters constructively.

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Faith and Politics

Three forums on faith and politics took place in Oct. 2020 via GFM’s Facebook page. GFM and Interfaith Alliance co-sponsored the forums, and GFM’s CEO Mitch Randall served as moderator.

Forum No. 1: Topic – God is not a Republican or Democrat; Panelists – Jennifer Butler, Frederick Clarkson and Rob Schenck.

Forum No. 2: Topic – An election like no other; Panelists – Randall Balmer, Bruce Gourley and Lori Walke.

Forum No. 3: Topic – What are the real issues?; Panelists – William Blake, Sharon Brous and Wendell Griffen.

Watch recordings of the forums.

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Public Education

GFM hosted three virtual forums on public education in August 2020, streaming live to GFM’s Facebook page.

Forum No. 1: Restarting school during a pandemic – Moderator Cameron Vickrey; Panelists Carol Burris and John Ogletree.

Forum No. 2: Public education as a foundation of democracy – Moderator Cameron Vickrey; Panelists Kevin Cosby and Charles Foster Johnson.

Forum No. 3: Public school funding and privitization efforts – Moderator Cameron Vickrey; Panelists Suzanne Parker Miller, Tamika Walker Kelly and Clark Frailey.

Watch recordings of the forums.

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Racial Justice

Three virtual forums on racial justice were hosted in July 2020, streaming live to GFM’s Facebook page.

Forum No. 1: Systemic racism and white privilege – Moderator Cory Jones; Panelists Willie Dwayne Francois III, TaNikka Sheppard and Joe Phelps.

Forum No. 2Christian nationalism and white supremacy – Moderator Starlette Thomas; Panelists Angela Denker and Charles Watson Jr.

Forum No. 3: Policing – Moderator Terrell Carter; Panelists Danielle L. Bridgeforth, Saint Rice and Bruce Prescott.

Watch recordings of the forums.