Religious, social and policy issues are often framed in ways suggesting that many people of faith hold narrow, fundamentalists views. Good Faith Media is launching a new initiative to offer another, better way that will provide an alternative voice in the public discourse.

A Better Way Initiative was created to empower people of faith to engage in informed and fact-based discussions about policy and society in the media, in their houses of faith and communities, and in their personal relationships.

Working at the intersection of faith and culture, A Better Way will educate and inform on policy and social issues by providing people of good faith with just and inclusive perspectives and resources.

“For too long, the religious right has dominated the conversation when it comes to matters of faith and culture,” said GFM CEO Mitch Randall. “Good Faith Media hears from Christians from around the world with a different perspective. We want to provide a platform to amplify those voices, promoting an inclusive gospel and working towards justice and hope.”

The initiative’s inaugural focal point is countering Christian nationalism, the false belief that America is a Christian nation, and that inclusive democracy must be replaced with a theocracy. GFM will provide a clear understanding of this destructive ideology and will advance healthy alternatives to its divisive effects as part of A Better Way Initiative.

“It is everywhere,” is a statement of bewilderment that historian, author and GFM staff member Bruce Gourley often hears when he teaches courses and leads seminars on Christian nationalism.

“In recent years Christian nationalism has publicly surfaced, most noticeably in the January 6 insurrection, but few understand it,” Gourley notes.

A proactive approach is needed to challenge and counter the damaging effects of Christian nationalism. A Better Way is rooted in inclusive ideals at the heart of the American experience, the teachings of Christianity and other historic faith traditions.

Resources for countering Christian nationalism are designed for media, government officials, educators, faith leaders and others seeking to better understand Christian nationalism and its negative impacts on both civic and religious life.

“Christian nationalism has the potential to harm the witness of the church and destroy democracy. Fusing faith with partisan politics negates the message of Jesus and ignores the wisdom of America’s founders,” Randall said. “Good Faith Media believes there is a better way to be a citizen of both God’s kingdom and the United States, keeping both separate so they both can prosper.”

Additional information about A Better Way Initiative is available here. Resources for countering Christian nationalism are available here.

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