Good Faith Media announced in April that it was working to create The Raceless Gospel Initiative (TRGI), with Starlette Thomas joining GFM in a full-time capacity in July to serve as initiative director.

TRGI has now officially launched, with a dedicated webpage now available at to provide easy access to the resources connected to the initiative.

“The Raceless Gospel Initiative is the product of my dreams and GFM CEO Mitch Randall’s vision,” Thomas said. “It is both collaborative and conversational as we aim to talk about the socio-political construct of race – the ways it influences beliefs and behaviors and how it shows up in sacred space. We will do this with grace and through a myriad of ways to include podcasting and forecasting a ‘kin-dom’ coming through preaching, teaching and soul-bearing writing.”

“Not to be confused with color-blindness, we aim to see race for it is – the defacing of the Imago Dei etched into every human being,” she said. “My hope is for a more authentic, fuller, richer human being and belonging in Christian community.”

On the TRGI page, you’ll find a detailed overview of the initiative, along with current resources such as The Raceless Gospel podcast (now in its second season), related video interviews and media productions, as well as columns written by Thomas.

In addition, there is a contact form in which you can submit requests for Thomas to preach at your house of faith, to consult with your congregation about race and justice and to conduct workshops or presentations related to the initiative.

Additional resources will be added in the future, so check back regularly for new content.

“Good Faith Media is extremely excited to have Starlette Thomas on staff as director of The Raceless Gospel Initiative,” said Mitch Randall, CEO of Good Faith Media.

“TRGI will be implemented across every offering within Good Faith Media, as we work to dismantle preconceived notions about race,” he said. “Through education and experiences, TRGI will build upon GFM’s racial justice work, offering fresh and exciting ways to understand human relationships rooted in the ways of Jesus.”

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