One year ago today, during a global pandemic, a social uprising for racial justice and a very contentious presidential election, Good Faith Media flipped the switch and went live.

Combining two historic Baptist entities, EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith, Good Faith Media began offering reflection and resources at the intersection of faith and culture through an inclusive Christian lens.

Good Faith Media was the dream and vision of Babs Baugh who brought both organizations together to entertain a more collaborative strategy for the future. Her wisdom and foresight provided the catalyst to bring like-minded organizations together for a common purpose and cause.

Understanding that conservative, faith-based media outlets often dominate public discourse, Good Faith Media made a commitment to work alongside other organizations to advance a Jesus-centered worldview while engaging stories and issues with radical grace, love and hope.

The Good Faith Media staff is committed to bringing readers, listeners and viewers the very best of journalistic integrity as a trusted source for information. Our staff has been hard at work this past year addressing some of the most pressing issues where faith and culture intersect.

GFM’s Digital News and Opinion brings together staff and volunteers to engage current and important issues people of good faith are facing. Addressing a plethora of topics, our columnists seek to honestly assess each issue while providing a theological framework through an inclusive Christian lens. In addition, we are excited to have writers from other faith traditions as contributors, such as Rabbi Jack Moline and Imam Imad Enchassi.

GFM’s Publications is a robust entity, producing Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies and a variety of books. Nurturing Faith Journal is filled with interesting interviews, insightful columns and an amazing BIble study from renowned Bible scholar Tony Cartledge. You can subscribe today at

Over the last year, our publishing division has released 20 books written by a diverse group of authors. From discipleship courses about following Jesus to a personal story about dementia, Nurturing Faith books attempt to provide inspiring and challenging materials for all book lovers.

Working alongside our digital, print and media personnel, Good Faith Media’s Ernest C. Hynds Jr. Internship Program worked with six remarkable students and recent graduates. GFM was able to provide invaluable experience to interns as they learned the behind-the-scenes work of our organization, as well as participating in hands-on projects. For interested students and graduates, you can apply by sending us a resume and cover letter. The deadline for the fall of 2021 is tomorrow, July 2.

GFM’s Media Productions encountered the greatest transition during the pandemic but soon discovered new and creative ways to address critical issues and tell compelling stories. With travel coming to a halt, GFM moved to online webinars, addressing racial justice, public education and the 2020 election.

The newest form of media production came in the way of podcasts. With the launch of “Good Faith Weekly” and “Brother Molly,” GFM began producing original content and collaborative content. We currently have eight podcasts released under the GFM brand. Our podcast efforts have been so successful that we are launching the Good Faith Media Podcast Network in the fall of 2021. More on that in a moment.

Finally, GFM Experiences suffered the most during the pandemic. With travel restrictions, we had to postpone all of our experiences for 2020 and part of 2021. However, we are back up and running, as we have trips planned for Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks, Glacier National Park and Hawaii, with many others on the horizon. Click here to find all the upcoming experiences and book your spot today.

As the person trusted to lead GFM, I cannot express my appreciation enough to the board for entrusting me with this endeavor. I wake each morning eager for work and excited about what the day will bring. Working alongside such talented and wonderful colleagues inspires me every day.

Looking forward to our second year, we are very excited about the Good Faith Media Podcast Network launching this fall. In conjunction with the GFM podcast lineup, we are currently working on securing curated content from trusted partners for the network. If you or your organization is interested in the network, please contact us.

We are also very excited about the launch of The Raceless Gospel Initiative. Rev. Starlette Thomas joins our staff as director of The Raceless Gospel Initiative and associate editor. Thomas argues that race is a sociopolitical construct used to divide God’s children. Through education and advocacy, The Raceless Gospel Initiative will work to advance racial justice through a Jesus-centered theology.

In addition, we are very excited about getting back on the road. We have missed our readers, listeners and viewers immensely. We are inspired by the personal and congregational stories we encounter. We miss seeing your beautiful faces and sharing sacred spaces with you. If you are interested in inviting a GFM staff member to your location, please let us know because we are fully vaccinated and ready to travel.

As we celebrate this first year of ministry at Good Faith Media, we also want to say “thank you” to each and every one of you who supported us this past year. When many nonprofits had to reduce staff and programing, GFM was able to grow in various ways because of your generosity.

If you appreciate and benefit from Good Faith Media’s resources, please consider making a one-time honorary gift for our anniversary and becoming a monthly donor. Your generosity helps us continue telling more stories, printing more books, providing more lessons and producing more content. It’s because of you that GFM had a very successful first year.

Thank you for your support and generosity. Good Faith Media could not be successful if it were not for our Good Faith family.

Here’s to celebrating our first year – and many more to come!

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