Ninety-seven “Profiles in Goodwill” have appeared on since September 2014.

The profiles highlight the background, interests and personalities of people connected to the organization from around the world. will pause to compile new profiles for the next few weeks and then relaunch the series.

Previously, highlighted responses about where people grew up, along with their movie interests and favorite Bible verses. Analyzing responses to the “little known fact” question revealed several interesting trends.

Music was the most prominent theme, with 15 people sharing a musical talent, interest or background.

Joel Emerson studied music composition as an undergraduate, and Steve Vernon initially intended to become a music minister.

Jonathan Langley once was a radio and nightclub DJ in South Africa, Larry Eubanks builds guitars, Colin Harris enjoys playing the piano, and Tony Peck conducts a small a cappella choir.

Several people were once in a band, including Martin Accad, who played in a Christian heavy metal group for six years, and David Hull whose signature song as the lead singer of a college rock band was “Free Bird.”

Food or cooking was mentioned in five profiles.

Rod Benson shared that he loves cooking fine food for friends, while Howard Batson noted that he decorates cakes. This led’s executive director Robert Parham to tweet: “Benson cooks fine food. Batson decorates cakes. I eat both. Mealtime?”

A few additional highlights included: Paul Hobson serving as an extra in two Bollywood films, Elizabeth Evans Hagan being unable to ride a bicycle, Rick Love growing up with mountain lions, monkeys and honey bears in his back yard, and Mandy McMichael catching fire at a divinity school professor’s home.

Noting that McMichael’s favorite Bible verse was about Pentecost,’s media producer Cliff Vaughn tweeted: “@mandyemcmichael once caught on fire. No wonder she likes Acts 2.”

All of the Profiles in Goodwill can be found here on our website and here on our Pinterest page.

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