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By John D. Pierce

The Christian community at Koinonia Farm in southwest Georgia could use a bell at their chapel.

The chapel has been renovated and a bell tower was donated — but no bell.

The demonstration plot for peace, people and pecans was founded by Clarence Jordan and others in 1942 and gave birth to Habitat for Humanity International, The Fuller Center for Housing and other wide-reaching expressions of Christian service.

Those who live and work together at Koinonia — which I visited today — have a smaller bell that calls them to lunch in the dining space in the Jordan House that also hosts other community gatherings.

A larger bell at the chapel, however, would ring more loudly to bring the community together for worship — sounding throughout the many acres of groves, fields and buildings.

Bell tower that needs a bell

So if you have a bell or want to acquire one —  at least 27 inches across the opening — to donate to Koinonia Farm, please let me know. I’ll help you get it there.

Koinonia continues to love its neighbors near and far despite opposition and obstacles over three-quarters of a century.

If you want to help them ring the bell of justice and freedom a little more clearly, please let me know.


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