Good Faith Media is a 501(c)(3) non-profit overseen by a governing board that handles administrative matters, with advisory councils that provide input, feedback and oversight for each of the four offerings provided by the organization.

Governing Board

Chair, Jack Glasgow
Chair Elect, Renée Owen
Treasurer, Bill McConnell
Secretary, Michael Cheuk
Mica Strother
Cory Jones
Kevin Heifner
Greg Milligan
Cynthia Holmes
David Turner
Jackie Baugh-Moore
Rob Marus

Strategic Advisory Board

Ronnie Brewer (Chair, Experiences)
Marv Knox (Chair, News and Opinion)
Bill Neal (Chair, Publishing)
Gary Skeen (Chair, Development and Marketing)
Starlette Thomas (Chair, Video and Podcasts)
Nannette Avery
Hal Bass
Kelly Belcher
Don Brewer
Daniel Carro
Terrell Carter
Julie Cloud
Susan Fendley
Wayne Glasgow
Don Gordon
Frank Granger
Jake Hall

June Joplin
Debbie McDaniel
Andrew McGill
Cynthia Mitchell
Jack Moline
Barrett Owen
Ron Perritt
Skye Perryman
Jim Qualls
Stephen Reeves
Charlotte Cook Smith
Carol Taylor
Nathan Taylor
Jim Thomason
Tamara Tillman-Smathers
Monica Vaughn
Laurie Weatherford