[EDITOR’S NOTE: Yesterday, Highland Hills Baptist Church in Macon, Ga., celebrated the 20 years of faithful service by children’s minister Ruth DuCharme and preschool ministry director Carol Brown. So I have invited a guest blogger, my daughter Abigail, to pay tribute to these two who have made an impact on her life and the lives of many others.]

By Abigail Grace Pierce

“Children are great imitators. Give them something great to imitate.”- Anonymous

When my family packed up our home in the Atlanta area and moved to Macon, Ga., I was just one year old. Two women from Highland Hills Baptist Church helped my mom unpack boxes and care for my sister and me while my mom got the house ready.

After the compassion and willingness to serve that these women showed toward our family, my mom instantly knew where she wanted us to go to church. While I don’t remember that specific day, it was the first of many ways that Ruth DuCharme and Carol Brown impacted my life.

carolThroughout my preschool years, my best memories involve Mrs. Carol. Whether it was making crafts at Vacation Bible School, having picnics and tea parties at Sunday school or spending the days together at Kiddie Camp, Mrs. Carol started a love of learning about God’s Word.

One day at VBS, I decided that I would be a fussy three-year-old and cry when my mom left me in the nursery. Luckily for me, Mrs. Carol picked me up and walked me through the halls for the day and kept me happy until my mom could return. That is the kind of care and attention that she shows every child.

The preschool ministry gives children the opportunity to learn and grow which is all made possible by Mrs. Carol. She forms a personal relationship with each child that stay with them long after their preschool years.

Once I left the preschool ministry, I was handed a Bible and sent to conquer the world of elementary school. I was welcomed with open arms by Mrs. Ruth.

She taught me how to sing in a choir, learn lines for the children’s musical, play the hand bells and make the coolest gifts at the Elf Workshop. My sister and I spent some of our summer days at her house or with her family at the Healy Point pool.

Like Mrs. Carol she also takes time to plant the seed of Christ in each child’s heart and inspires a love for the Lord at a young age. She forms close relationships with all of the children at the church.

ruthHowever, Mrs. Ruth continues to impact my life. Once when my parents were out of town for the day and I got a concussion at school, she came and took me to the doctor despite being busy with the children’s musical.

Also, she came to my house and visited with me after my ACL surgery this past March. I am so thankful for her compassion that she shows each day.

Mrs. Ruth and Mrs. Carol have been showing Christ-like love to children for the past 20 years. They are great examples of women in ministry.

Highland Hills is blessed to have these caring and committed women ministering to their children. Thank you, Mrs. Ruth and Mrs. Carol, for being great role models and for impacting the lives of every child, especially my own life.

-Abigail Pierce is a senior at First Presbyterian Day School in Macon, Ga., where she plays volleyball, coordinates service projects and is the editor of the newspaper.

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