By John Pierce

Every year at about this time I get reacquainted with my pressure washer. Together we blast away the dirt, mildew and other unwanted stuff that has built up from months of changing weather conditions.

I call this annual ritual “grime time” — and it has some amazing parallels to the spiritual endeavor of this season called Lent.

This is not a once-and-for-all effort. Similar work was required before — and it will be needed again.

A good cleansing takes time. Attempts at quick solutions are ineffective. It requires digging in for a while.

Once you get started you realize how much needs to be done. Cleaning up one spot creates a greater contrast to what remains untouched.

The best approach is to focus on one tough stained area at a time. Otherwise, you can get discouraged.

And the goal? To get it all cleaned up just in time for Easter.


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