Group Experiences

Good Faith Experiences are highly personalized travel and learning opportunities that combine inspiration and adventure.

These well-planned and hosted trips offer unique, shared experiences such as digging up 2,200-year-old pottery from a cave in Israel, watching stunning sunsets over some of the world’s most beautiful mountain peaks and ocean beaches, and retreating from daily demands at a Montana ranch.

Upcoming Experiences

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

August 7-14, 2021


Join historian, author and Yellowstone expert Bruce Gourley, Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall, and co-hosts Missy Randall and Cliff Vaughn for an inspiring, small-group experience in the world’s oldest and most famous national park and the adjacent Tetons. Enjoy world famous wildlife, geysers, hot pools, waterfalls, beautiful wilderness and more.

Glacier National Park and Northern Montana

September 4-11, 2021 (SPOTS AVAILABLE)
August 14-21  (SOLD OUT)


Join historian and author Bruce Gourley and Nurturing Faith Journal Executive Editor John Pierce for an inspiring, small-group experience to scenic northern Montana including Glacier National Park. Enjoy snow-topped mountains, fields of wildflowers and boat rides on scenic lakes.

Hawaii’s Big Island

May 21-28, 2022


Join astronomer and author Paul Wallace, historian and photographer Bruce Gourley, and co-host Missy Randall for a unique, small group experience of night-sky stargazing, tropical rainforests, horseback riding, volcanic adventures, breathtaking coastlines, local history, fresh fruit and much more

Israel / West Bank

May 26 - June 5, 2022

Reading about the Holy Land is one thing: experiencing it is another. Join curriculum writer Tony Cartledge and Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall for a nine-day tour of Israel and the West Bank May 27-June 6, 2022. We’ll visit the Mediterranean coast, drive through the Valley of Jezreel, sleep by the Sea of Galilee, and explore important archaeological sites — all before reaching Jerusalem. We’ll visit significant sites in the Old City, and spend a day taking in sites around the Dead Sea. Before it’s done, we’ll enjoy fellowship with Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem, and actively participate in an ongoing archaeological project. Lodging, meals, and transportation are first-class and all-inclusive except for drinks. This could be the trip of a lifetime for those who want to walk where Jesus walked.

Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, California

June 11-18, 2022


Join historian and author Bruce Gourley, and co-hosts Autumn Lockett and Zach Dawes, from Good Faith Media for an inspiring, small-group experience to Yosemite and Sequoia national parks in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Enjoy the towering waterfalls, dramatic landscapes, vibrant spring wildflowers and scenic hikes.

Olympic National Park / Northwest Coast

July 24-31, 2022


Join historian and author Bruce Gourley and co-hosts from Good Faith Media for an inspiring, small-group experience to the beautiful and magnificent Northwest Coast. Immerse yourself in the pristine rain forests and stroll along the wilderness coast of Washington’s Olympic National Park, and enjoy the spectacular scenery of Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast.