On Monday I reflected on the bad news so common to our newspapers lately … and today I read that newspapers are facing bad news of their own: there’s been a rash of newspaper thefts, apparently fueled by an “Extreme Couponing” craze. 

Apparently, a show on the TLC network has some folks being not only thrifty but lifty, snitching extra newspapers from racks in an attempt to multiply their coupon savings. Hey, the “buy one get three free” offer must apply to newspaper machines, too. Right?

I’m here to volunteer my Sunday paper to anyone who wants it. I’m penurious enough to use coupons for products I use, but when I look through the paper, most of the coupons are for frozen pizza or entrees, vegetable juices, dog and cat food, feminine products, baby products, highly processed canned foods or microwave meals, cookies, hair color, antacids, razors, sugary breakfast cereals and treats for kids’ lunch boxes, tiny yogurt cups, canned biscuits and crescent rolls, cake mixes, and the like.

From the last paper I saved one coupon (for butter), which I won’t use unless I happen to be there on “triple value day” and the savings bring the price below the cost for store brand butter.

Now, if there were coupons for fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, and milk, I’d be clipping like crazy. But, the less processed an item is, the less likely there is to be a paper discount.

So, I’ll just go down to the farmers’ market, and you can have the coupons.  

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