Can you imagine a competition in which you won $1.2 million, then watched it swim away because of a technicality?

Imagine the heartache felt by the captain of the Citation, a fishing boat participating in Morehead City’s Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament. Early in the competition, one of the anglers on his boat hooked a record-setting 883-pound specimen, and the crew safely brought it on board and in to shore. Through the rest of the competition no one else came close to matching the catch, which had the potential of netting the boat $912,825 in first-place winnings and a $318,750 bonus for catching a marlin that exceeded 500 pounds.

Alas, any celebrations were premature. One of the crew members realized that he had failed to purchase a North Carolina recreational fishing license, so he went out and bought one before the fish was weighed in — but hours after it was caught.

Then he was caught, and the lack of a $10 ten-day license cost the team more than $1.2 million. The prize went to a boat that has landed a 528 pounder.

Can you imagine how sick he must feel — and how angry his shipmates must be?

Little things can make a big difference.

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