has carried several news and commentary items related to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Here are links, which may be useful to preachers and Sunday school teachers preparing for church services this Sunday.

Christian Leaders Speak of God’s Wrath in Hurricane
Texas Governor Mum on Pastor’s Comment About Katrina ‘Purifying’ America
Hurricane Katrina Revealed America at Its Best and Worst
Black Baptist Leader Criticizes Government Response to Hurricane Katrina
Democratic Leader Says Race a Factor in Disaster
Fundamentalists View Hurricane Katrina as God’s Punishment
Barbara Bush Says Things Working Out ‘Very Well’ for Poor Evacuees
Global Baptists Offer Support for Hurricane Victims
Tennessee Baptist Church Opens Doors to Hurricane Victims

What Do a President and Prophet Say About a National Day of Prayer?
Preventing Theological Disaster
God Will Make a Way
We Need a Good Government Reflective of the Goodness of Americans
Katrina: Responsibility, Theirs and Ours
Katrina: A Race ‘Parable-In-The-Making’
Twin Tragedies Reveal the Need for Community
Maybe All is Not Gone With the Wind
Recipe for a Perfect Storm
Where is God in the Storm?
After Crises: Things Your Church Can Do

Lamenting and Hoping
Hurricanes, Terrorists and Rumors of God
Even if Everything is Lost
The Day America Cried
The Hand of God
Hurricanes, Terrorists and Rumors of God
Judgment Pending Grace Extending

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