Good Faith Media’s Ernest C. Hynds Jr. internship program was launched in September 2020.

A gift by the foundation of First Baptist Church of Athens, Georgia, established the GFM internship program to honor the memory of Ernest C. Hynds Jr. (1930-2015), a longtime church leader and professor emeritus of journalism at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication where he worked for 43 years, including a decade as head of the journalism department.

Interns work with GFM staff on a variety of projects and initiatives, which are discussed and planned based on organizational needs, as well as the intern’s interests and/or degree program requirements.

GFM internships offer a well-rounded program to engage in activities that connect with interns’ interests and abilities, while also offering new experiences and forming new skill sets. Opportunities can include research and writing news and opinion for both print and digital publication, engaging in social media campaigns, and producing podcast episodes and/or short video productions.

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Maddie Grimes

“My time interning for Good Faith Media was extremely rewarding. I was provided with agency so that each task I took on was something I chose myself and cared deeply about, and I was encouraged so thoughtfully by the whole staff over the course of my time with them. I feel endlessly grateful for the experiences (both professional and personal) that the GFM team generously opened up for me.”

Angela Grant

“My deep appreciation to all the Good people – especially, Mitch and my editors, Zach and Starlette – for having faith in me as I took the first step on a path to a media career as a religious journalist. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill and for your warm welcome!”

Emma Fraley

“The freedom and flexibility of the Good Faith Media internship gave me the opportunity to learn new skills in media that I never would have had otherwise. I greatly appreciated the chance to read, write and talk about topics that interested me, and I am so thankful for the time I had with this amazing team.”

Jamie Nash

“Words can’t describe how wonderful this Good Faith Media experience was for me. GFM gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find my voice and speak my truth to the world I live in. I would love to work with these amazing Christian media experts again in the future. If you get the chance to be a part of GFM, do it.”

Isaiah Anthony

“It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Good Faith Media team. The work being done at GFM is insightful, wholistic and crucial, and I am proud to have played a role in this organization that continues to push contemporary Christianity in a positive, inclusive and loving direction.

Cally Chisholm

“An internship with Good Faith Media is equal parts fun and rewarding. The staff cultivates a welcoming and friendly space for their interns. Everyone is super helpful and provided me many opportunities to develop my writing and communication skills. I was also afforded the chance to host episodes of a podcast, learn about book publishing, and practice using programs like Hootsuite. The internship offers flexibility for students to choose what projects to tackle or what topics to explore. I also enjoyed being a part of an organization that is open to discussing important topics relating to social justice.”

Jana Peterson

“Good Faith Media was the perfect fit for my internship needs. As an MDiv. student who is still discerning where my future vocation might be, GFM gave me many opportunities to practice theology in a public forum and develop my voice outside of the academy. I recommend an internship at Good Faith Media for anyone who is interested in finding out more about doing public theology in a collaborative team setting.”

Jessica McDougald

“My experience with Good Faith Media was rewarding and enriching. I was given ample opportunity to stretch my writing skills as well as encouragement and affirmation along the way. Working with the staff at GFM was helpful in that I was able to see what a career in media might look like and I was given a space to further discern my calling as a writer. I would recommend anyone who is interested in writing, publishing, and creating other types of media content apply for the Ernest C. Hynds Jr. Internship.”

Rebekah Gordon

In addition to gaining media skills like writing opinion, editing podcasts, digital marketing and the magazine publishing process, this internship gave me opportunities to learn about myself. Through this thoughtful and diligent work, I’ve learned how much I value education, justice and hope in my Christian circles, whether that is my church or my news sites. What sets Good Faith Media apart from other news sources is that in addition to its dedication to express truthful news and thoughtful educational content, it offers a message of faithful justice and joyful hope to a world that desperately needs both.”

Christopher Adams

Good Faith Media Internships provides me an opportunity to grow in my faith and in my voice through a variety of media (i.e. news/opinion, podcasts, etc.). Working alongside a team of expert editors, writers, marketers and producers, GFM Internships provides a platform for young adults to network, be published and contribute to a larger faith conversation where there is always more to tell.”

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GFM offers fall, spring and summer internships to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those who have recently completed degree programs.

GFM uses a virtual office approach, with staff members in multiple states across the U.S., so interns work remotely from wherever they live, engaging with staff members via phone, email and video conferencing. Limited travel may be involved in some situations.

A stipend is provided. Any work-related expenses are paid by GFM.

To apply, email a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in the internship program, along with any personal areas of interest and/or academic program requirements to

Questions may be submitted to the same email.

Application deadlines are:

Fall semester: July 2
Spring semester: October 15
Summer: March 1