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(RNS) A disgruntled investor has sued, saying the website’s name alone should make it a “goldmine”—or at least more profitable than it is.
James Solakian filed suit against Inc in Delaware Chancery Court, according to the Reuters news agency. He says the website should be worth as least as much as, and, which together sold for $100 million in 2007.

The Rev. R.S. “Bud” Miller, an Arizona pastor, registered the domain name in 1996 for $50, according to Reuters. Solakian acquired 28 percent of the company’s equity in 2001, Reuters reported. did not return requests for comment. According to the website, it draws more than 2 million visitors each month and is part of a non-profit ministry that offers daily devotionals, Scripture verses, and biblical answers for topics such as voting and masturbation.

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