During the past four months of spending weekends in Chattanooga — after having not lived in the area for more than 30 years — I have had several nostalgic moments. But greeting David and Marcia Kling — good Presbyterians visiting First Baptist Church to hear one of our many gifted musicians this Sunday —provided a special trip down memory lane.

“That’s ‘Miss Marcia’ from TV,” a church member whispered to me as I moved about the sanctuary before the service.

“Wow. ‘Miss Marcia,’” I thought. She provided early childhood education for a whole bunch of us baby boomers who tuned in Chattanooga’s channel 9 with the help of rabbit ears.

She began as the local host for “Romper Room” in 1962 and the next year created her own show called “Funtime.” Her ability to make learning fun was such a big part of early television in the Tennessee Valley.

It was amazing how much literacy training we would endure when sandwiched in between “Clutch Cargo” cartoons. And her unique version of “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!” is permanently lodged in the minds of many of us 50-somethings.

I’m delighted to know that the former teacher and Christian educator is still doing good things in the community — including some television work with the same station she joined more than 40 years ago. And I am glad for good memories that keep popping up to remind me of the many who have invested their lives in mine — whether they know it or not.

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