1. President Obama Signs Proclamation Creating Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument (AL.com)
  2. Obama Names Five New National Monuments, Including Southern Civil Rights Sites (Washington Post)
  3. King’s Birthday is Not the Only Thing Worth Celebrating on January 16 (RNS)
  4. Trump to Bring Billy Graham’s Family Back into White House Circles (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
  5. Evangelical Leaders Reject Compromise, Insist Upon Right to Discriminate Against LGBT Persons (Christianity Today)
  6. TN Bible Bill Sponsors Split on Giving Legislation New Life (Tennessean)
  7. Comcast Won’t Air Ads Pursuing Mormon Church Tax Status, Organizer Says (Salt Lake Tribune)
  8. Israel: King Solomon-Era Fort in Southern Israel Reveals Its Secrets (Fox News)
  9. Israel: Women Win Landmark Case on Prayer at Western Wall [Solomon’s Wives Would Have Taken Up the Entire Space at the Western Wall!] (World Religion News)
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