1. After Trump, Biden Aims to Reshape Presidency Itself (Associated Press)
  2. The Trump-Fueled Riots Shocked America. To Some, it was a Long-time Coming (NBC News)
  3. Before the Capitol Riot, Calls for Cash and Talk of Revolution (New York Times)
  4. A Place to Fund Hope’: How White Supremacist Proud Boys and Other Fringe Groups Found Refuge on a Christian Fundraising Site (Washington Post)m
  5. Rallies Ahead of Capitol Riot Were Planned by Established Washington Insiders, Including the Evangelical Council for National Policy (Washington Post)
  6. Former Homeland Security Official: Trump ‘Spiritual Leader’ of Domestic Terrorists (CNN)
  7. David Brooks: Trump Ignites a War Within the Church (New York Times)
  8. Years of White Supremacy Threats Culminated in Capitol Riots (Associated Press)
  9. What the Capitol insurgency Reveals about White Supremacy and Law Enforcement (Brookings Institute)
  10. The Military Knows it Has a Problem with Domestic Extremists, White Supremacists (Military Times)
  11. No Place in Department of Defense for Extremism, White Supremacy, Officials Say (Department of Defense)
  12. For the First Time in Over 100 Years, Virginia Won’t Celebrate Lee-Jackson Day (CNN)
  13. What Jon Ossoff Means for the South and its Buried South (Washington Post)
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