1. Hillary Clinton Explains How Christianity Has Guided Her Politics (TIME)
  2. In Iowa Intro, First Baptist Dallas’ Jeffress Says He Can’t ‘Officially’ Endorse Trump, However… (Dallas Morning News)
  3. Marco Rubio Top Presidential Pick of Evangelical Insiders (Christian Post)
  4. Ted Cruz, the Empty Evangelical (New Yorker)
  5. Alabama Southern Baptist Rival Attacks Congressman’s Episcopal Faith, Says too Tolerant on Gay Marriage (AL.com)
  6. Charleston Church Where Parishioners Killed Has New Pastor (Fox2Now)
  7. Tale of Evangelical Sex Scandal Hits Washington (Baptist News Global)
  8. Supreme Court Rejects North Dakota’s Bid to Save Strict Abortion Law (NPR)
  9. Creator of Anti-Planned Parenthood Videos Faces Felony Charges (Washington Post)
  10. Race, History and Racial Reconciliation (New York Times)
  11. Televangelist Wants to Build $125M Christian Resort in San Diego (ABC News)
  12. Texas Not so ‘Bible-Minded’ After All (Houston Chronicle)
  13. Franklin Graham on Wheaton Row: Muslims and Christians Do Not Worship the Same God (Christian Today)
  14. Tennessee’s Evangelical Universities Keep Close Watch on Wheaton Case (Tennessean)
  15. Whistleblower Florida Priest Claims Roman Catholic Church Ostracizing Him (CBS12)
  16. New Study Documents Shifts in Latin American Religion Affiliation (Baptist News Global)
  17. What is the Role of Women in World Religions (World Religion News)
  18. Israel: ‘You Can’t Boycott the Bible,’ Say Settlers on Airbnb Controversy (Jerusalem Post)
  19. U.K.: Tempers Flare as Britain First Holds ‘Christian Patrol’ in Bury Park (Luton Today)
  20. Russia: Putin Says He Likes Communist Ideas Echoing Bibles (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
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