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Christians should not apologize for calling those who claim the name of Christ to put the faithful following of Jesus above any other allegiance or ideology — no matter how passionately held. To be a practicing Christian is to seek to follow Jesus above all other loyalties.

Through retreats, presentations, conferences, books and other resources, Good Faith Media’s Jesus Worldview Initiative continues to evolve and expand in new and creative ways that affirm 1 John 4:17b: “Love is fulfilled among us when in this world we are like Jesus” (NIRV).


Small-group retreats, held on a Montana ranch, reveal the value of ministers and lay leaders engaging in weeklong conversations about the need to explore creative, compelling and collaborative ways to advance a Jesus Worldview in a time of competing allegiances. Some retreats are focused on pastoral leaders, while others involve lay and institutional leaders.

Ecumenical involvement and collaboration with other organizations interested in pursuing the Jesus Worldview Initiative have made some of the retreats possible.


Calling Christians to a higher and better-informed loyalty to the teachings of Jesus is the high ground we want to occupy. We don’t want to inhabit the low ground of most of our current political, and even theological, debate.

Jack Glasgow

Pastor, Zebulon Baptist Church in North Carolina; Chair, Good Faith Media Governing Board

When as a society we are distracted and overwhelmed, it is essential that we refocus our vision by looking through the lens of Jesus. The Jesus Worldview Initiative invites us into sacred space, to sit at the feet of Jesus, where we find respite and renewal, so that we are prepared, empowered and equipped to be true disciples of our time.

Renée Owen

Director of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

The Jesus Worldview Initiative has a disarming simplicity, but the timing and angle of approach have tremendous potential to change the lives of hundreds of churches and countless believers.

Steve Sheely

Pastor, Rolling Hills Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas

What excites me most about this project is we are getting back to the core of who we are. We are working to make sure we are following who we are called to follow, and if we can accomplish this we might finally and fully bring that Kingdom to earth. And God knows we need it.

Griff Martin

Pastor, First Baptist Church in Austin, Texas

I read your piece on having a Jesus worldview and felt a resounding “Yes!” Thanks for being one resource that keeps pointing the way.

Leslie Limbaugh

Pastor, Selma American Baptist Church in Festus, Missouri

The Jesus Worldview Initiative could be the transforming agent the church needs. … and knowing what Jesus said and did is essential.

Hulitt Gloer

Retired Professor of Preaching and Christian Scriptures, Baylor University’s George W. Truett Seminary

In examining American Christianity, I cannot help but think we have expectations … that God is on our side (whatever side that may be), and greatness is secured at the expense of others. This is not the way of Jesus. May we learn from him and become his faithful disciples.

John R. Franke

Theologian in Residence, Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana

The topic of the week was how much of the current American conversation about Christianity actually factors in the life and teachings of Jesus. … I expected stimulating conversation; I did not expect to come home with a disturbed sense of purpose and priority.

Dock Hollingsworth

Pastor, Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta

This initiative seeks to inform and train Christian leaders to view the world through the lens of Jesus’ life and actions. … A Jesus worldview is needed because far too many Christians talk about a “biblical worldview” or a “Christian worldview” in ways that have nothing to do with Christ.

Mike Gregg

Pastor, Royal Lane Baptist Church in Dallas

I’m particularly moved by how powerful the concept of friendship is in trying to live with a Jesus Worldview. … You’re on to something.

Jeff P. Mathis

Pastor, First Baptist Church of Sylva, North Carolina

Jesus Worldview Initiative Logo

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Getting Carried Away with Jesus

Getting Carried Away with Jesus

Much of what is portrayed as Christianity in America is bogus. Using religion as a veneer over a political ideology focused on self-interest and self-preservation, the example and teachings of Jesus are cast aside.

Anti-Science Christians Have Long History

Anti-Science Christians Have Long History

People rejecting scientific discovery and labeling scientists as heretics have a long and tragic history in Christianity. They are influenced by a political ideology of self-interest and self-preservation rather than by the life and teachings of Jesus.

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Jenga for Jesus

It’s not that risky to ignore or downplay Jesus in many churches but try removing the Jenga block of white nationalism or American exceptionalism or patriarchy or white privilege or cultural dominance. Then see what happens.

What a ‘Followship’

What a ‘Followship’

The earliest followers of Jesus would be greatly baffled by what it means to be ‘Christian’ today. Today’s Americanized Christianity gives little to no attention to following Jesus, except for a nod as a salvation-inducing mascot.