Jesus Worldview Initiative

The prejudices, selfishness and lies that are too often characteristic of 21st century Christianity cannot be overcome by church state alliances or magnificent church buildings.

Nor will carrying a Bible to church on Sundays or saying the “sinner’s prayer” suffice.

The only way to restore Christ in Christianity is through a Jesus worldview. While embodying Amos’ prophetic pronouncement to “Let justice roll down like waters,” Jesus announced that “The truth shall set you free.” Jesus challenged oppressive and exclusive ideologies, condemned false and misleading narratives, and sided with marginalized and powerless persons.

Jesus’ worldview of truth and justice is desperately needed today.

Jesus’ worldview is personal, corporate and transformative. It is authentic living, conversation and dialogue in the spirit of Christ. It is powerful and connects with millennials, families and seniors.

The “Jesus Worldview Initiative” is an exciting expansion of GFM’s mission to provide “relevant and trusted information, thoughtful analysis and inspiring features, rooted in the historic Baptist tradition of freedom of conscience, for reflective Christians seeking to live out a mature faith in a fast-changing culture.”

What does the “Jesus Worldview Initiative” look like?

GFM’s “Jesus Worldview Initiative” brings a sharper focus to important contemporary issues within the context of a Jesus worldview through thoughtful analysis, conversation and dialogue designed to enhance pastoral leadership, stimulate congregational engagement, and encourage faithful Christian living.

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